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Keynote: Conole - Predicting the future - fact or fantasy?

7th July, Greenwich, UK

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Gráinne Conole
6 July 2010


The presentation will provide a critical review of new technologies and consider the implications for education. It will consider what new pedagogies for learning are emerging and provide some examples of innovative ways in which technologies are being used to support both teaching and learning. It will draw in particular on three facets of our current work as part of the "Learning in an open world programme i) a recent review of Web 2.0 technologies, ii) a review of Open Educational Resource initiatives and the development of a social networking site for learning and teaching, Cloudworks.


  • Review of the technology landscape
    • Current landmarks
    • Future trajectories
  • Focus on learning
    • Pedagogies of e-learning
    • Case study examples
  • The gap between promise and reality
    • Issues
    • Possible solutions


Extra content

Some questions for discussion

  • It is clear that both teachers and learners are going to need new digital literacy skills to in order to make sense of and harness new technologies. How can these best be developed? Is there a danger that there will be a growing divide between the 'tech savy' and the rest of education?
  • What is the future of formal education in a world where content and tools are free?
  • Is our existing understanding of learning theories and pedagogy enough, or are new e-pedagogies emerging?
  • What practical solutions can we use to help 
    • teachers between design and support learning making informed choices about pedagogy and effective use of technology
    • learners to navigate through today's complex technological landscape and to appropriate the tools and resources to create their own effective learning environment?

Gráinne Conole
13:47 on 6 July 2010

Change in draft to final presentation:

  • Differently emphasis between the two so have put both up.
  • Draft contains more on Learning Design representations
  • Final looks more broadly at five different approaches to addressing the gap between the promise of technologies and actual use.

Gráinne Conole
13:30 on 7 July 2010 (Edited 13:32 on 7 July 2010)

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Draft presentation

Draft presentation

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Final presentation on Slideshare

Final presentation on Slideshare

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