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We have a meeting on this Wednesday July 7th to explore how we can use Cloudworks to support the...

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OU Learning and Teaching Groups
6 July 2010

We have a meeting on this Wednesday July 7th to explore how we can use Cloudworks to support the work of the post CETL Learning and Teaching groups in FELS, HSC and OUS. We have set up a cloudstream on Cloudworks to kick this off, at the address below. We have made some temporary decisions about what to call things and the name we have given to this site on Cloudworks is OULTG – as for OU learning and teaching groups. We would like to use the hour or so of the meeting to suggest how we can use cloudworks and to give you a chance to use it yourselves, with support from Rebecca Galley and Lynda Davies, both of whom are experienced users.

At the workshop we will give you the opportunity to use the site to annotate the cloud we have set up for your L&T group. You may have experience with Cloudworks already and wish to do more than we have set out, but if not, what we suggest for this session is as follows:

1. edit the cloud – changing the name so that it is accurate and adding whatever introductory wording you choose.

2. add a new cloud and link to it

3. add a cloudscape and link this to your cloud.

3. add an event to the event cloud for the site

If would be good if you could use a real event that your group has agreed on – e.g. the next date for the group’s meeting or whatever. If not, this will be a practice session and any details you use can be deleted if necessary. But the idea is to launch use of Cloudworks and hopefully to demonstrate how you can use the site and pass on this to members of your group. The site as it is now can be accessed via the link below, or if you input ‘OULTG’ into the search box, you will also find it that way.

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