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Cloudworks API beta demos

David Sherlock and myself (Sheila MacNeill) at CETIS have been having a play with the cloudworks...

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Sheila MacNeill
7 July 2010

David Sherlock and myself (Sheila MacNeill) at CETIS have been having a play with the cloudworks API.  The link above shows a couple of different examples of representations of the resource in the Design Bash 2010 cloudscape (a mindmap and animated resource cloud).  We'd be really interested to hear what you think of them, possible extensions, etc.  Please note, this is very much a demo site so it may be slightly flaky!   

More info on the API itself, and how it was developed is available from Nick's blog post @

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Below are some screen shots of the mind map.

Design Bash 2010 mindmap

Nick Freear
09:49 on 8 July 2010 (Edited 09:49 on 8 July 2010)

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Nick Freear
9:50am 8 July 2010

Hi David, Sheila,

This looks great. Thanks for putting the time in.

Yours, Nick

Gráinne Conole
10:44am 8 July 2010

David, Sheila

Just caught up with this, it is *so* *so* exciting - I love all three ideas and can see so many ways in which they can be used. The mindmap is brilliant - a great solution to the long standing issue/tension we have had with keeping to a clean and simple structure and conceptualisation of cloudworks whilst also enabling people to visual and make connections between clouds and cloudscapes in different ways. Similarly the dashboard means people can present cloudworks material and related things customised to how they want. Really sorry I am missing the design bash please please please post/contribute as much as possible here so that those of us interested can follow remotely.

Sheila MacNeill
10:51am 8 July 2010

Hi Grainne

Glad you like it.  We're going to try and do something more in August when we're both back from holidays - maybe a mindmap widget which could be embedded into other sites/environments.  And yes, we're hoping for lots of contributions before/on/after the day.

Hope you have a great holiday and see you soon.



Gráinne Conole
10:55am 8 July 2010

Sounds absolutely brilliant - its so nice to see the API being picked up so quickly. I think these things will really enhance how cloudworks is used. If I get time I'll try and blog about it on in terms of general thoughts on the API and the different ways in which these kinds of gadgets might be used.

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