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Formative Assessment Widget

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Juliette Culver
25 November 2008

Presentation by Wilbert Kraan.

Proof-of-concept - testing to see what the issues would be creating a widget for formative assessment. Using google spreadsheets to create widget for testing French grammar. Added to Mediawiki, Moodle etc.

Security risk - introducing foreign code. e.g. need to be a Moodle adminstrator, likely to be an issue for an ordinary issues. With Mediawiki, needed to hack the installation. Need a decision from administrator about which widgets are trustworthy.

Not presupposing where the learners are - more flexibility. But need to intially replicate lots of functionality in return for that.

Need to resist temptation to do things just because you can. Wilbert adapted widget to give feedback and give average results and how far along different people are rather than show individual results. Integrate form in VLE or just give link?

Biggest roadblock will be the integration - wouldn't be possible on pretty much any institutional platform.

Comments from audience:

  • Nice because 'quick and dirty'
  • Wetpaint gives menu of widgets
  • comments from students on encouraging them to build own learning environment - 'there to learn rather than play around with widgets',
  • would the problem be the same with Facebook?
  • same sort of comments with games - we should be learning not playing games.
  • From Wilbert, not about designing own environment, more about 'throwaway learning experience can integrate in normal environment',
  • e.g. reading list in can knock up widget to integrate,
  • RSS feed successful though.
  • Richness of activity - what sort of things possible.
  • Easiest thing assessment - probably come up with rather more dynamic things
  • Can do QTIish type tests with this sort of technology?
  • Comparison with portlets
  • Benefit is the ease of authoring
  • Learner doesn't care about VLE etc. just cares about the thing
  • who should be doing what?
  • difference between 'here's something cool I've done teach something' and 'here's something cool I've done'
  • in end has to add value to the learning experience
  • probably don't have enough peole who know that they *can* make something remotely cool
  • Sproutbuilder really easy
  • Don't want to lose the appeal of cool shineyness as that's how we draw people in
  • Introduces people to idea of sequencing

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