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Lynda Davies
7 July 2010

Please feel free to insert your feedback for this event, or if you prefer you can e-mail me and I'll do it for you.

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Lynda Davies
8:34am 8 July 2010 (Edited 9:53am 9 June 2011)

The session today was interesting. Just some thoughts: a definition of the term digital scholarship would have helped to set the context; further, the slide of research questions was covered too quickly and it was a vital aspects of the investigations - so spending some time on the research questions and research design (how the data was collected and analysed) would have been useful.
Overall, the seminar and the tea/cookies were great.
Thanks for organising everything & regards
Shailey Minocha (MCT


I thought that the event was well organised, and I enjoyed Nick’s presentation. It wasn’t too heavy and I could easily follow it which is great as a non-academic.

Kind regards

Michelle Bailey (IET)

I thought the event was very good. I particularly enjoyed listening to the feedback at the end. I guess this translates into a positive comment about the way Martin and Nick structured the presentation, presenting findings in such a way as to trigger some interesting responses.

Another well organised event by you too :)  Thanks Linda, I really enjoy them and as they seem to be getting more and more popular, I suspect that many others feel the same.


Gill Clough (IET)


Gráinne Conole
9:14am 8 July 2010

Hi sounds like a great session, wish I could have been there. Just adding a link to a blog post Martin did on digital scholarship and the REF.

Gráinne Conole
9:16am 8 July 2010

Hi is there anyway that you could add a cloud with the presentation so those of us who weren't there could have a look?

Lynda Davies
10:30am 8 July 2010

Hi Grainne,
Thanks for adding the link.  The presentation is being edited as we speak and I'm told it should be available early next week.  Apologies for the delay. 

Lynda Davies
10:30am 8 July 2010 (Edited 10:34am 8 July 2010)

Hi the podcast link is currently at the bottom of the TCM schedule.  Here's the link

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