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Widgets and IMS Learning Design

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Juliette Culver
25 November 2008

Presentation by Dai Griffiths

Way back in 1992 - move from e.g. Hypercard to the web. People willingness to sacrificeness lots of niceness for interoperability. Balance between interoperability, usability, functionality still with us. With widgets and learning design, can we raise the whole game or just choose aspect to maximises?

IMS-LD proposes language which seeks improved balance, better performance. Model of educational processes and underlying technology is satisfactory then important. Widgets are trying to do the same kind of thing with balance in purely technical way without thinking about the educational context. That's why talking about both in same session.

TENCompetence project. Developed Wookie server (architecture Scott Wilson, development Paul Sharples). Wookie manages widgets available. Mini-world of servers, one step integration into platform of your choice. Idea is integrate wookie server once then manages. Developed as solution for IMS-LD but can use more generally.

What can LD do for widgets? LD provides way of defining and running flows of tool to be made available to different sets of learners, in their roles as they relate to particular activities

Planning to build a new widget player. Also 'a widget widget' - in the context of this activity, learners choose the tools that you want to use here.

(Followed by demo with Dylan Thomas example)

Scott explains widget terminology and shows widget server admin interface. Demo of widgets in Moodle, Phase of the moon widget (apple dashboard widget), guitar chord finder widget, weather. System enables extra API so not just presentation widgets for e.g. demo of chat widget in Moodle. Mentions W3C format for widgets . Widgets actually getting info from Moodle not just block of javascript, so can keep info to a single moodle course. Moodle plug-in (one PHP file) works with Wookie server. As long as installed and can add blocks to a course can use. Who makes choice of what widget allowed in the network? Gets interest if used organisational not just in learning context e.g. for calendar widgets, individual timetable widgets appear in VLE, portal etc. Moodle plug in can e.g. send course id to server. Also Wordpress plug in. Who owns the engine? Policy/politics around that. Institutional widget server, JISC widget server. In practice probably enthusiasts. Can use the same widget maybe in Moodle, WebCT, Sharepoint etc. Gives you a way to use the tools you want rather than the ones chosen for you as lowest commmon denominator. Can already use all the Apple widgets.

Sheila points out important thing is what widgets on offer.

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