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Activity: 45 minutes: Formative and summative assessment


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Phil Alberts
9 July 2010

In this session you will have the opportunity to consider in more detail a range of formative and summative assessment modes and how these can be deployed most effectively across a level.

Group activity i – Assessing what you value

Holding onto the idea of what you really want your students to be able to do at the end of the year, (discussed in Activity 1) use the provided guidelines on assessment for learning, together with the assessment modality prompt cards, to consider which assessment types and tasks will most effectively support and motivate student success in these outcomes.

Group activity ii – Mapping formative and summative across the level

Using a flip chart sheet & coloured post-it notes, consider which assessment tasks might work well formatively within a study/module block, and which might work well summatively within a assessment/module block.  Both should tend towards the same learning outcomes, but consider also how the formative assessment tasks prepare students for the summative assessment tasks.  If you have time, use the prompt cards to consider the time and resource implications for both students and staff across the level.

Group activity iii – Usability analysis

Students closely identify the course with the assessment.  Look at your post-it notes.  From a student’s-eye perspective what assumptions would you make about this course of study from its assessment systems: what are its values, its intentions, its requirements, its modus operandi?  Do these match your intentions?  Is it coherent?

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