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Activity: 45 minutes: Use of technology to enhance learning

In this activity participants will consider learning design with a focus on the use of technology...

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Anu Sharma
12 July 2010

In this activity participants will consider learning design with a focus on the use of technology to enhance learning. The key objective will be to ensure that pedagogy informs choice of technology and not the other way round.

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Anu Sharma
9:07am 12 July 2010

Hi Everyone

I look forward to seeing those of you attending the second Blended Design Workshop at Brunel this week.

For all: I hope you will find the link added opposite, 'Pedagogy (including assessment)' useful as a resource to help you consider how pedagogy should influence your use of technology. There are a series of screen casts available which cover 8 educational considerations that we would like to promote at Brunel.

Please take a look and get in touch if you have any thoughts.


Rebecca Galley
11:28am 12 July 2010

Hi Anu! Looking forward to seeing you all at Brunel again :-)

Anu Sharma
4:32pm 12 July 2010

Hi Rebecca

You too :)

I have also uploaded my slides for the activity which covers the use of technology to enhance learning.


Natalie Parnis
6:41pm 13 July 2010 (Edited 6:45pm 13 July 2010)

Hi Everyone,

I will be delivering the 2nd part of this session which has two main areas of focus:

1)  to explore the 'affordances' of one or more technological tools to ensure that the right tools have been selected to derive a specific learning opportunity.  This activity is based on the OU's Affordances activity template.

2)  using Gilly Salmon's e-tivities framework, participants will be asked to design and create an e-tivity to engage their students in a learning or assessment task.

I am looking forward to present this session tomorrow and will be uploading the participants' outputs of this session (given their permission) to share and encourage further discussion.  So watch the space :)



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