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CompendiumLD maps in SVG

I can't make it to the meeting, but here'ssomething that may be of interest. I'd be interested to...

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Andrew Brasher
15 July 2010

I can't make it to the meeting, but here's something that may be of interest. I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who has or is playing with SVG and learning design.

I've linked to a couple of CompendiumLD maps in SVG format. These have been created using a new prototype of CompendiumLD which allows SVG format exports of learning design maps. I think SVG is of interest with respect to learning design because

  • it enables the maps to be edited in other graphic design tools e.g. Illustrator, CoreLDraw or Inkscape
  • it is rendered (displayed) by most browsers, and IE support is coming
  • Web based manipulation (zooming, clipping, editing) of SVG files is possible now, and tool sets are developing (e.g. javascript libraries and browser based tools such as SVG-edit).

The examples I've produced so far only include the visual information to render the maps in a browser. To enable more sphisticated manuipulation of the SVG maps via a browser, further work is necessary to include semantic information about each visual element in the SVG file. By semantic information I mean information to identify nodes and links of being of a particular type,  e.g. that a node is a ''Task' node or a 'Tool' node.

By the way, I've linked to the SVG files because Cloudworks doesn't seem to render embedded SVG files. Could be me making a mistake when editting in the HTML view but I did try a couple of times!

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I have posted some more information and thoughts on use of  SVG for sharing learning designs: "Design visualisation and mapping for the web using SVG"

Andrew Brasher
11:01 on 9 March 2011 (Edited 11:14 on 9 March 2011)

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