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Activity: WebCollage, pattern based design of units of learning with embedded assessment

Do you remember Collage? there is a new version, Web and with...

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Sheila MacNeill
16 July 2010

Do you remember Collage?

Now there is a new version, Web and with assessment patterns: WebCollage!

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Web Collage Activity

This activity has been designed by Juan Asensio and is also available on the activity Cloudscape (where you can share your activity outputs!) 


Web Collage is a web learning design graphical authoring tool based on collaborative learning flow and assessment good practices (in the form of "pedagogical patterns"). It facilitates  the creation of sequences of collaborative learning activities based on a combination of those good practices (such as the Jigsaw or the Pyramid patterns).

Web Collage is capable of exporting learning designs in a computer-interpretable format (IMS Learning Design). Currently, development versions of Web Collage are capable of deploying collaborative learning designs in mainstream Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) such as Moodle, by means of the Glue!-PS system (NOTE: the deployment feature is not activated in the Web Collage version to be used in this activity).

Web Collage has been proposed and developed by Eloy D. Villasclaras-Fernández together with Davinia Hernández-Leo, Yannis Dimitriadis, Juan I. Asensio-Pérez and the GSIC-EMIC research group of the University of Valladolid, Spain.

The activity

  1. Complete the following worksheet (this link will take you to a dropbox pdf document which you can download). The goal of the worksheet is to aquire a basic knowledge of Web Collage and the role of flow patterns and assessment patterns.
  2. Then, try to solve the following two "challenges" (again, this link will take you to Dropbox) with Web Collage. Both challenges are aimed at completing the assessment issues of the learning design created with the worksheet. Create a Cloud for reporting your comments (also problems, concerns, ...) regarding the challenges and add your Cloud to the Activity Cloudscape here. You can also upload screenshots to Flickr or a similar site and embed an image in your Cloud showing your results (the "Summary" tab of Web Collage can provide you with an overall picture of your designs).
  3. Do you use collaborative learning in your own practice? Could you apply any of the patterns (flow and assessment) supported by Web Collage? Update your Cloud with your own thoughts about collaborative learning design and Web Collage.

Rebecca Galley
10:29 on 26 February 2013 (Edited 10:29 on 26 February 2013)

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