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IET Technologh Coffee Morning

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Lynda Davies
16 July 2010

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Anna Page
2:28pm 15 September 2010

This was a very moving and thought provoking IET Technology Coffee morning.  On the face of it was not like the usual TCM at all, as no particular educational technology was being expounded, although Nick did explain that on this occasion he hoped having his notes handy, using the PowerPoint slides and avoiding certain words would help his fluency (techniques and tools).  Talking to a mostly familiar audience was harder than speaking to strangers.  However Nick’s very personal account of his experience of school, university and job seeking which was affected by his stammer highlighted some real issues for educational inclusion regarding this particular disability.  The message that came through loud and clear, via Nick’s talk and the poignant DVD he showed by the British Stammering Association, was that patience is the most important thing that anyone, be it parent, teacher or peer, can do to help someone who stammers.  Speech therapy can help, but isn’t a cure and stammering can change in nature over a lifetime.

Janet Jones
3:08pm 15 September 2010

Thank you, Nick for your insightful talk.  It was useful to have the opportunity to think about the impact a stammer can have and, in particular how we can help (or be unhelpful!) anyone with such a disability.   The increased understanding I came away with will be useful in any educational or other context.

Lynda Davies
11:48am 16 September 2010 (Edited 12:08pm 16 September 2010)

I found the talk interesting, as I had a similar problem as a child.

Its good to see Nick has come to terms with it and manages it very well, its a shame that more people did not attend, as I feel more people need to be made aware of how to manage talking or listening to people who stutter.

Dave Perry (IET)

Lynda Davies
3:29pm 16 September 2010

Thoroughly enjoyed it - he's a good speaker and has a lot of stuff to say. It's particularly good to go to a session where you can not only find out about where we are and what we're working on developing in the short term, but also get some good ideas about the medium to longish-term thoughts on development.
My only regret is that perhaps we weren't an "interactive" enough audience!


Jane Bromley (LTS)


Nick Freear
11:38am 22 September 2010 (Edited 12:00pm 22 September 2010)

Thank you all for the comments. I did find it a hard talk, but I'm very glad to have done it.

A minor clarification, the DVD I showed was Wait, Wait, I'm Not Finished Yet, produced by the Michael Palin Centre (not the British Stammering Association), with a grant from the Department for Children, Schools and Families. I probably didn't introduce it very clearly!

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