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Lynda Davies
16 July 2010

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Lynda Davies
9:13am 24 September 2010

Comments from Doug Clow can be viewed via the link below:

Lynda Davies
9:15am 24 September 2010 (Edited 9:21am 24 September 2010)

" I've just been to Martin Weller's talk on the Podstars project at the Open University. This is a pilot project to encourage academics from faculties across the OU to try their hand at producing short videos, slidecasts (slide presentations + audio) or other multimedia. Despite the name Podstars, the aim was not to create celebrities, but instead to lower the bar to multimedia production.

Further comments from Nick Freear can be viewed via the link below:


Lynda Davies
9:03am 27 September 2010

I found the talk very useful. We have flip cameras here in LDT, Student Services. We haven’t really used them for project as such yet, so it was useful to hear how Martin et al. had gone about this project. Our websites are staff- and student-facing and are devoted to support services rather than course content (eg: Skills for OU Study; New to OU Study, Getting started as an AL).

We had thought of giving a student one of the flips and getting them to film a ‘diary’ of their progress through a course (registration, first week, first tutorial, assignment, then the exam and getting the results). Whatever we do with the flips, if we hand them out to students or to staff, we will need to guide them quite closely, I think, or at least outline the type of product we hope to get back from them.

Martin and Ross left the academics largely to their own devices because it was a research and development project. I think we would need to specify the project upfront and give the participant some training on how to be in front of the camera (just as Ross and Martin mentioned in the talk).

I’ll go and find the recording of the session, as I’d like to find out more about the technologies the participants used.

The discussion afterwards was also useful. Someone in the audience mentioned using video on Openings courses. I imagine that students might take to using video during the self-reflection part of Openings (and other) courses.

Thanks for the generous provision of tea, coffee and biscuits … a rare occurrence these days!

Alison Edwards (Student Services)


Lynda Davies
12:06pm 27 September 2010

A solid example of a presentation promoting exploration and discovery of today’s mobile video technologies – something we have so much application for as an Online Distance University.

Thank you very much for such an informative and inspiring Coffee Morning, and for showing that technological innovation and course enhancement isn’t just in the hands of the select few, but anyone and everyone who has an idea and can pick up a Flipcam!

All the best

Chris Nelson (CIC)

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