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Exploring a 'LIfe Grid' approach in understanding the early HE experiences of students in one instituion.

This presentation was delivered as part of our workshop during the HEIR (Higher Education...

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Natalie Parnis
20 July 2010

This presentation was delivered as part of a workshop that the project research team conducted during the HEIR (Higher Education Institutional Research UK & Ireland) Conference held in Dublin in June 2010.  Presenters gave an overview of a project undertaken jointly by the e-learning team, educational developers and the widening participation office in one institution to improve the transition into and progression through the first year of HE studies by students with non-traditional qualifications.  Students within this target group were invited to participate in the preparatory programmes developed with the intention to give students a 'head start' at university. An evaluation was also conducted to accumulate a rich narrative of students' experiences during their first year at university.  The data gathering approach for this evaluation was derived from the 'life grid' (Sociological Research Online. Life Course Data Collection: Qualitative Interviewing using the Life Grid, 2009), a technique to collect retrospective data.  The presentation described the LIfe-Grid interviewing method and the process of analysis.   Key findings and emergent themes were also highlighted. 

Reference:  Sociological Research Online. Life Course Data Collection: Qualitative Interviewing using the Life Grid available from    

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Using the life grid interviewing method as a qualitative research tool

Using the life grid interviewing method as a qualitative research tool

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