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Activity: 30 mins Finding and sharing learning and teaching ideas and designs

A activity exploring the cloudworks site

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Gráinne Conole
25 November 2008

You are going to begin by exploring different repositories of resources to find information that might be of relevance to a particular teaching scenario. Start by choosing one of the following scenarios (or outline your own) as the teaching and learning context for you explorations:

  • Refresher course for returner nurses, providing skills update and outline of latest changes in legislation, etc. Use an e-portfolio as the main vehicle of students demonstrating evidence
  • Beginners social work course, large cohort of students, want to encourage lots of communication and ways of students practicing their interpersonal skills
  • Final year research project in which students need to demonstrate an evidence-based approach
  • Large cohort introductory statistics course for students in a range of different disciplines


Cloudworks is a social networking site for sharing learning and teaching ideas and design. Use the Cloudworks site to help you find useful resources and ideas for your design and suggestions for how you might incorporate different technologies. In terms of specific sites on technologies and how they might be used in an educations context you might want to look in particular at the Educause 7 things you should know about series (see link below). Write down things you like and don’t like about the particular resource collection(s) explored. Note the strategies you are using to search in order to locate resources, etc. that are appropriate for your chosen scenario. How useful were the different sites? How useful was the information they provided? What was missing?

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