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1. Keynote: Mary Lou Forward: Executive Director, OpenCourseWare Consortium

Mary Lou Forward is Executive Director for the OpenCourseWare Consortium. providing leadership for...

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Giota Alevizou
23 July 2010

Mary Lou Forward is Executive Director for the OpenCourseWare Consortium. providing leadership for the organization’s efforts to support OpenCourseWare use and development globally. Prior to joining the Consortium, she served as Dean of African Studies for SIT Study Abroad. In that role, she provided academic and strategic leadership for 29 programs across the African continent, leading SIT’s incorporation of technology and distance learning in international programming and developing innovative opportunities to collaborate across countries and between diverse student groups.

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Live blogging:

Materials re a reflection of the education provided at the institution and author: AQ through the backing of the institutional communities and ‘ownership’. OCWC materials carries the quality stamp of the institutions that sponsor the courses.

 Current role of OCW

-       collaboration

-       student support

-       faculty development

Current OCW: bridge between secondary and higher education

FUTURE: workforce development

            Upadating skills

            Retraining sectors that are downsizing or becoming dated

            Pathways to short courses

            Public education

Curricular mapping on a grander scale (national, regional, global)

            Enhancement of self-learner tools

Increased faculty engagement and global knowledge generation through Examine critical issue (Water, migration, GW)

Cultural understanding and critical diplomacy

OER help understand not only the content, but the context


ISSUES: certification; US body: OCW is well suited to professional level certification

 Case studies

  • African virtual university
    • Shift from importing content to creating to making resources that are relevant for the particular cultures
    • How to enable local collaborations and the fostering of networks
    • Teacher education project
    • Korean context: high investment in private tutoring and socio-economic divides in university entering processes; huge levels of private tuition to ensure kids get into university. Govt recognised growing socio-economic gap.
      • ACE project and OER k-12 investment
      • Ulsan university
      • Advocacy for OER production
  • Brazil
    • Supportive of open access, but not on education
    • Bring the two together
    • Create networks of support (in education, parliament (largest consumer of ER in the country)
    • OER sites, and congressional hearings on OER (8 July 2010)
      • Legal incentive for people producing OER
  • OER in MANOR, Texas
    • Slow economic growth
    • Growing, but small population
    • Mix of long-time residents and new commuters (clashes and cultural mix)
      • Social networking and OER to retrain workforce
      • Governance and urban planning OCW
      • Partnerships with local business
  • Policy guidelines for entire regions in the US; OER a promise in cultural change
  • Wikiwijs
  • JOCW; parternships with industry


  • Leadership
  • Consistent and sustained participation
  • Awareness raising
  • Impact studies: convince people why this is important
  • Need to develop library of case studies
  • Develop of library o f OER case studies for everyone to access
  • Promote and disseminate impact
  • Continue OER advocacy
  • Make sure that there is greater usability and reusability
    • The value is not who develops the materials, but how they impact students’ learner
    • Discoverability: and classification metatdata

Giota Alevizou
09:51 on 23 July 2010

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