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2. Panel: Promoting OER

Oxford University will demonstrate how their use of multiple delivery channels (,...

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Giota Alevizou
23 July 2010

Oxford University will demonstrate how their use of multiple delivery channels (, JorumOpen, iTunes U, Mobile Oxford, WebLearn, virtual learning environment, and departmental websites) helped to maximise the impact and accessibility of their wide range of content and Russell Stannard from Westminster University will focus on how he uses social media to boost take-up of his own materials.

Speakers: Peter Robinson (Oxford University), Russell Stannard (Westminster University)

Extra content

Live blogging from panel:

Open Spires – Oxford / Peter Robinson (Oxford University)

- iTunesU: 3 million downloads; most popular philosophy and business

Promoting OER within and outside university and faculties

Mobilising participation and getting things rolling

Changing the legal process (academics ‘own’ their lectures)

 Marketing to different audiences

-       rewards and recognition: reinforcement of positive narcissism

-       open standards: google: mysubject+oxford+creative commons

 Transmission: all material surfaced in many places (itunes, web, vle, and depts as well as open jorum)

Subject areas

Popular in Hums (esp. Philosophy)

Very popular in the social sciences (it fits the bill and has some existing activist academics)

Not very popular in the life science

 Openspires team tries to create a workflow that enables departments/faculty and students to upload it to the system and then others are doing quality control and licensing

 Students are the secret army: creative feedback and commentary in audioà is this the way to add ‘voice’ on pedagogy?

Secret weapon? Training… they run a session every two weeks. If two people turn up it’s great…

 Public image: mobalise the departments themselves; exposure of in the media;

Alumni relations

Other impacts: accessibility; admissions and outreach; teaching projects; impact (research) – alumni (nostalgia) – strategic objectives and values

Teachers motivation: positive narcissism (18,000 itunes downloads; ‘public academic’/altruism in a subject area/positive feedback, public good; OpenSPires run academic focus groups)

My Q: how do they academics view improving  their own teaching/research?

How about academics that do not get good feedback or feedback at all?

 ‘The world of learning need not be a possessive one’ Prof. Oliver Taplin, Faculty of Classics, Oxford

à YET, a thin slither of academics that are involved yet. Some are part of the educational resource movement already; and it’s practice


Giota Alevizou
11:34 on 23 July 2010

Live blogging:

Russell  Standard – U of Westminster

How to use social media to promote courses…. funded by HEA: excellent tracking system and positive user reinforcement

Twitter: mobilised active participation and re-distribution of broadcasting perceptions from other OER

Shift from a Westminster U portal to an aggregation/repository of multimedia content about other open materials

-       50% of what OER is about is the social networking and promoting of the content for a project like this

-       good networking broadens content

Giota Alevizou
11:35 on 23 July 2010

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