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Activity: 20 mins A schema mapping tools and activities to four facets of learning

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Gráinne Conole
25 November 2008


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One of the main criticism leveled at the use of many tools in an educational context is that it is technology-driven; i.e. that the focus is often on the tool and what it can do rather than thinking about the pedagogy, what the student is supposed to achieve as a result of undertaking the activity and only then mapping to particular tools. This first activity aims to address this through the use of a 2D-matrix that helps the designer think about how the use of tools maps to different aspects of learning. The matrix maps tools to four simple facets of learning - learning by thinking & reflection, through experience and activity, by conversation and interaction, and finally synthesizing of learning through evidence and demonstration (such as through some form of formative or summative assessment). These are of course crude simplifications of what actually happens in the learning process, but nonetheless provide a simple, but effective schema for thinking about how tools can be used. Therefore the schema enables the designer to think about how particular tools are being used to promote these four aspects of learning.


Think about some specific teaching activities with which you are familiar (for a course on which you teach or support learners) and about the types of learning they are intended to promote or support. Consider the digital media or tools that are currently used and complete the table (linked to) by describing the nature of the student activity and indicating the extent to which it promotes each of the four types of meta-learning. Some examples of tools have been included in the table for you as suggestions, but you can ignore any with which you are not familiar and add any others if you need to. Then list some new tools or ways of using tools and consider the ways they map to the learning. You can either change the tool or the way in which it is used, or both.

Activity design: Grainne Conole

Rebecca Galley
09:37 on 17 September 2009 (Edited 15:42 on 17 September 2009)

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Matrix for mapping technological tools against learning characteristics

Matrix for mapping technological tools against learning characteristics

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hazel dryden
2:14pm 12 October 2016

a very good discussion and it certainly made me question some of my own tactics 

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