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How to add to a Cloud

To add to a Cloud, simply select it. A screen appears with a number of options that allow you to...

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K802 Module Team
31 August 2010

  • To add to a Cloud, simply select it. A screen appears with a number of options that allow you to add to and edit the cloud. For an easy guide, try using the ‘Improve this cloud’ menu on the right side.
  • If you simply want to add a link – for example, to a website or other resource that you’ve found helpful – select ‘Add link’. Then simply enter the title and URL of the site. Links to journal articles accessed via the library website cannot be shared, so should be added as references. See K802 Library help cloud for more information
  • To add a reference – for example, to an article, book or report, especially one that’s not online – select ‘Add reference’ and enter the information. (The Harvard system of referencing mentioned here is the same format for references that you’re advised to use in your K802 assignments.)
  • To add some text of your own – maybe some information along with a link, or a contribution to an existing discussion within the Cloud – click on ‘Add extra content’. A text box with a menu will appear. Try to keep your content as brief and succinct as possible.
  • To embed a multimedia resource from another website – for example, an image, or a short video or audio extract – select ‘Add embedded content’. You’ll see a list of the supported sites for embeds, including well-known sites such as Flickr and YouTube. Simply add the title and URL of the resource in the boxes provided.
  • You probably won’t need the ‘Add gadget’ facility on the menu.

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