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ALTC 2010: Applying a development framework for digital literacies

Helen Beetham, Rhona Sharpe, Fred Garnett

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31 August 2010

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'Digital literacy is defined as the confident and critical use of ICT for work, leisure, learning and communication'  European Commission report DigEULit 2006

Rebecca Galley
12:48 on 7 September 2010 (Edited 13:18 on 7 September 2010)

Abstract -

In reviewing research on learners' experiences of e-learning, we have proposed a framework to help understand and support learners' changing requirements (Sharpe and Beetham 2010). A version of this framework has also been used to describe the development of digital literacies (Beetham et al. 2009). The framework focuses on the development of learners towards using technology in creative ways to meet their own personal and situational needs. It is now being applied in practice, first as a tool for whole-institution approaches to digital literacy provision, and second as a frame through which to interpret the findings of research. This symposium brings together those who have been using the development framework to understand and support learners and to evaluate the impact of their provision. This will include representatives from: 1 - the case study sites from the JISC funded study of how institutions are supporting effective learners in a digital age (these institutions have been selected for the work they are doing in translating learner experience research findings into teaching and learning practices); 2 - the ESRC’s Teaching and Learning Research programme – Technology Enhanced Learning (TLRP-TEL), where the development framework is being used as a lens through which the programme findings can be reviewed and shared on a project-by-project basis. The aims are to broaden the range of programme outcomes and also inform the TEL aspiration regarding Education 2.0 (Barton & Gillen, 2010; Selwyn, 2008). The focus of the symposium is: how are institutions creating and enabling opportunities that promote the development of effective learning in a digital age and how can research inform such institutional practices? This will be an active, engaging symposium, where participants will have the opportunity to discuss and use tools and outcomes currently being developed and tested in a range of institutional and research contexts. After a brief introduction, participants will hear how literacies are being developed at two institutions. They will discuss how research findings are refining our understanding of digital literacies. Ultimately, participants will assess the potential of the developmental framework in specifying, investigating and promoting learners’ effective technology mediated practices. 

Rebecca Galley
13:06 on 7 September 2010

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