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NDLR 2008 Symposium workshop on contextualisation

Workshop on contecxtualising content across communities (using Cloudworks)

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Chris Pegler
28 November 2008

Here is the abstract:


The problem of contextualisation is one which has plagued re-use. The challenges of writing content so that it is ‘context-free’ and blending content from elsewhere with your own content are not trivial. What we once thought was simple now appears to be a persistent problem. Re-purposing content is popular with re-users, but may be perceived as a threat to quality by those offering reusable content. How can we resolve this? There are examples of effective practice, but these often exist within the courses and are not themselves connected or shared.

Perhaps communities hooked into social networking tools are the key? Cloudworks and its development towards ‘cloudscapes’, is in development at the OU as a social tool for sharing contextual information about learning design and learning content within and across communities. Where better to explore this and other social systems than within the NDLR communities? Bring a laptop and wifi to start building a cloud during this session, but even those without the gadgets should come prepared to share ideas and examples of contextualisation in practice.

If you are reading this on 2nd December then you may be able to catch the live webcast at (later it will be available from the NDLR site.

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Chris Pegler
3:33pm 28 November 2008

Happy to receive feedback from this session here. Let me know how it was for you. Or if your remarks will really not bear public scrutiny email ( Thanks. Chris

Gráinne Conole
1:05am 3 December 2008

Hi Catherine - we are very much rapid prototyping with cloudworks - so bear with us, there

are bound to be some bugs and usability issues along the way. The important thing

is the conceptual aspects of cloudworks as a tool for sharing learning and teaching

ideas. The core aspects are 1.clouds - anything to do with L&T, 2. cloudscapes - aggregates around

a particular issue, event, project etc, 3. follow and be followed - both people

and cloudscapes.

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