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ALTC 2010: One college's journey – a view from the bridge

Frank McLouglin

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31 August 2010

14:50 - 15:50 on Tuesday, 7 September in Room MA

City and Islington College, where Frank McLoughlin has been principal for many years, has long been committed to the systematic use of ICT. In this session Frank will reflect on the college's overall journey in its use of ICT to support learning, focusing on the impact of the college's web-based services on learners' relationship with the college, and on the changing nature of the college's learners and their use of ICT in learning. Frank, who is also Chair of the 157 Group, a membership organisation representing an influential group of large, successful and regionally influential Further Education colleges in England, will also provide a ‘forward look’ covering how, in the new political and economic climate, publicly funded education can continue to innovate in learning technology.

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Recording from ALT-C's You Tube Channel

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