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ALTC 2010: When worlds collide – revisiting experiential learning

Martin Hall

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31 August 2010

14:50 - 15:50 on Tuesday, 7 September in Room MA

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How can universities incorporate the collision between informal education and social networking, and the formal curriculum and accreditation? What happens when the worlds of formal university education and social networking collide? The imminence of this collision is now widely accepted. But what happens when open, byte-sized bits of knowledge come up against the need for sequence and structure, for curricula that build systematically on prior understanding and insight, and formal accreditation? This is not primarily a technological issue – it is more a question about the nature of knowledge itself. Social networking is transforming the nature of “tacit knowledge”. By revisiting formative concepts of experiential learning, leading-edge experimentation with new technologies can themselves be codified and theorized, and translated into organizational change within the universities.

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