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ALTC 2010: The future of knowledge acquisition

Hans-Peter Baumeister

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31 August 2010

12:00 - 13:00 on Wednesday, 8 September in Room MA

Knowledge society, knowledge economy, knowledge management – knowledge everywhere. What does it mean for our approach to education? The Internet has a major impact on the culture of the acquisition of knowledge, but educational institutions, both for children and for adults, are still based on a model stemming from the area of enlightenment combined with the emergence of the nation state: open access to new information, but keep it under institutional control, represented by the teacher. On the other hand we know that already the current workforce needs skills and qualifications to deal with the so-called knowledge economy. But what are those skills? And are our institutions and the people working within them prepared to analyse the required skills and to act accordingly or are we still following a model of top-down teaching? Or more to the point: Do our students know better how to deal with new forms of knowledge acquisition than the teachers and lecturers?

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