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ALTC 2010: Literacies, learning and people's lives: where practice and real life collide…

Josie Taylor

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31 August 2010

15:10 - 16:10 on Wednesday, 8 September in Room MA

Digital literacy is much debated at present, and there is no one clear definition. However, such a literacy is a vital 21st century skill without which people will not be able to operate effectively and safely in the digital environment. It is central to enabling people to be lifelong learners. It is also a key employability skill. The Digital Britain report (2009) highlights the economic necessity of people possessing these skills. Digital literacy not only needs to be taught and learned in its own right, but it is also increasingly part of learning and teaching in a disciplinary context. Being digitally literate enables students to shape their own learning and to effectively manage the ever-increasing amounts of information they are exposed to. They also need to be able to share what they find, in new ways. Trust and sense-making are essential if this is to happen. But do we know what we are all talking about? In this session, I will outline some of the major issues being raised in debate at the moment, and stimulate conversation around them.

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