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ALTC 2010: Barbara Wasson Keynote: Design and use of technology enhanced environments

Barbara Wasson

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31 August 2010

11:40 - 12:40 on Thursday, 9 September in Room MA

A fundamental challenge for Technology Enhanced Learning is how to design technology enhanced learning environments sensitive to the complex interconnections between pedagogical, technological and organisational issues and how to understand their use. Using examples from my own research I will focus on my understanding of the intricate relationship between design and use. In the Norwegian DoCTA projects we aimed to bring a theoretical perspective to the design of ICT-mediated learning environments that support the sociocultural aspects of human interaction and to evaluate their use. By taking a sociocultural perspective on learning activity focussing on the interpersonal social interaction in collaborative learning settings we contribute to knowledge about the pedagogical design of network based learning scenarios, the technological design of the learning environment to support these learning scenarios, and the organisational design for management of such learning environments. Through various empirical studies we improved our understanding of the pedagogy and technology of networked learners, and increased our understanding of learner activity. In this talk I will focus on the VisArt artefact design scenario and the gen-etikk collaborative knowledge building scenario both of which supported co-located and distributed students collaborating over the Internet during a 3-4 week period.

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