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Developing Digital Capability

14:00 - 16:00 on Monday, 6 September in East Midlands Conference Centre

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Helen Beetham
1 September 2010

Pre-conference workshop at Alt-C 2010

This cloud is designed to support the digital capability workshop being facilitated by Helen Beetham, Rhona Sharpe and Fred Garnett on Monday 6th September 2010. It is closely related to the cloud on Digital Literacy Materials.

Please use this space for sharing ideas, concerns, expertise and practical tips about developing digitally capable learners. Presentations and outcomes from the workshop will be available here shortly.


  • Showcase institutional case studies in developing digitally capable learners;

  • Share materials designed to support institutional and curriculum development;

  • Explore research findings supporting the case for a digital literacy agenda in further and higher education.




Welcome and icebreaker activity – defining digital capability


How are professional and academic practices changing? - specifying the digital difference


What are the challenges facing learners? - recognising digital pitfalls and pinchpoints


What works in developing learners? - digital opportunities and practices


Putting it all together – case studies in institutional development


Learning from research - soundings from the digital frontier


Remaining discussion time for those who can stay: suggested topic = “is 'digital literacy' a credible agenda?”


Link to the slideshow of photographs taken during the session

Extra content

Working definition generated by the first activity: "Digital literacy is... the confident and critical use of ICT for work, leisure, learning & communication."

Rebecca Galley
13:23 on 6 September 2010

See also Cloud for the follow-up workshop on Tuesday afternoon 'Applying a development framework...'

Rebecca Galley
12:45 on 7 September 2010

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The workshop in (technology-enhanced) action

The workshop in (technology-enhanced) action

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