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ESRC Seminar Series on Careers Work in the UK

Against a turbulent policy background in which the profession of careers guidance is being reviewed...

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Sally-Anne Barnes
8 September 2010


  • To deconstruct and reframe the professional identities of careers guidance and careers practitioners in the context of UK service delivery policies.
  • To foster interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral dialogue by bringing key stakeholders together to debate issues of mutual interest.
  • To contribute to policy about the future shape of services and building workforce capacity.

The seminar series will:

  • Examine careers guidance workers' perceptions of their actual and ideal professional roles.
  • Identify features of a range of practices and how each is effective in particular settings.
  • Explore how best to develop integrated practice that enables access to opportunity in culturally diverse and disadvantaged settings.
  • Evaluate existing, emerging and potential uses of digital technologies to deliver enhanced careers-work practice.
  • Suggest how emerging career theory can most usefully be embedded in developing practice.

 For further information about the seminar series, please go to the ESRC Seminar Series Cloudscape.

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Sara Bosley
8:07pm 6 December 2010 (Edited 6:59pm 13 December 2010)

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