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Lynda Davies
8 September 2010

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Lynda Davies
11:50am 8 September 2010

Comments from Doug Clow can be viewed via the link below:


Lynda Davies
1:30pm 13 September 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's session - very well presented with a good mix of information and space for comments and questions from the audience. It was very timely for me as I'm involved in the production for what may be a 'small pieces' module. The future of Moodle plus computing in the cloud looks promising!

Maria Leedham (FELS)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Very informative! Good to here about developments at our leading edge.

Martin Le Voi (Social Sciences)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Helpful in bringing up to speed on university’s thinking and plans and the issues involved.

Ann Jones (IET)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I found it an excellent session. Niall is a great presenter anyhow. Succinct and a very useful update of where we are and where we are going. It is a very exciting but challenging picture. I know that my colleagues in Library Services are keen to work collaboratively together with those responsible for driving both technology and service forward to make the most effective practical use possible of our digital library resources and information literacy skills. I’m encouraging those who were not able to go to hook up to the podcast.

It would be very useful to know what part the University is playing in supporting an integrated approach beyond the organization…are we working with others like JISC (and whoever is filling the gap for the schools sector left by Becta?) to develop shared services/ cloud infrastructure for learners and digital scholars…seemed to me that there are huge economies of scale to be gained.

Thanks very much

Non Scantlebury (Library)


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