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Lynda Davies
23 September 2010

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Lynda Davies
12:43pm 25 October 2010

It was a great presentation. Really good to present the question. If there's one thing I would do that doesn't seem to be getting talked about then it would be deliver a simple micro payments system that some one could plug into their project and thus monetise it.

A major barrier to getting an idea out there is cost. We would support much more innovation if we could deliver ideas in the knowledge that monetising them was relatively simple. There are many approaches to monetising things these days from using paypal, direct payments through world pay or other providers, charging through mobile phones and phone providers to the funding each student is entitled. Yet this is also a minefield for the average person. Finding the right solution, implementing it and ensuring it is fit for purpose and maintained properly is a huge amount of work.

I'd like a place or team in the OU I could approach that had expertise in monetising solutions that could advise and support the idea I have. This would provide a means to funding a project outside of current funding models. One that develops the OU's ability to attract paying customers and develop solutions customers will pay for. It also removes the barrier to innovation that I keep coming up against. That is, getting funding and the politics that are involved.

I submitted a proposal to VC. I had the support of my department and PVC and only asked £10k for it because I focus on keeping costs down. Yet my understanding is that it is mainly the projects with much higher budgets that got funding. I feel that's because they can dedicate more time and resource to lobbying for funding. So I would like someone to remove that barrier for me. To allow me more ways to fund ideas and encourage innovation.


Colin Chambers (LTS)


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