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"Me Tycoon" is a multiplayer online careers game for young people

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Jenny Bimrose
27 September 2010

To be launched in January by NESTA but available now should anyone want to look at it and have a play, especially the careers professionals community -- you can play with it either directly or via the icould site: (or via a widget on bottom right of the icould homepage )

CRAC and NESTA would welcome people's views and feedback....  

[NB. The "Tycoon" name, if you are not a computer games devotee...., is from a series of Tycoon Games (  e.g. Coffee Tycoon, Racehorse Tycoon, School Tycoon, Cinema Tycoon – to name a few. All these games require the player to manage a range of associated data/ logistics in order to be successful. There is nothing in the Tycoon series about managing the logistics of self and career. It was tested along with other names with the target audience and came out as favourite].


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