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Dr Deirdre Hughes
27 September 2010

Measuring and assessing the impact of careers and guidance-related interventions in England

The UK government invests considerably large amounts of time and money into the provision of careers education, information, advice and guidance and, unsurprisingly, being able to assess the impact and effectiveness of this investment is important to policymakers. But evidence-based practice is also important for service managers to enable them to deploy and target resources more effectively and to achieve quality standards. Equally, it is important for practitioners to be able to identify good practice and to be able to reflect upon their own performance and improve the contribution they make to society and the economy.

Key findings from the OECD and the European Commission (2004) highlight funding available for the design and delivery of careers resources and services is limited and therefore recommends the cost-effective use of resources. The design of accessible careers services, supported by inter-agency working (including remotely delivered services) is generally viewed as crucial in leading to increased youth and adult participation in education, training and employment.

CfBT Education Trust commissioned the development of a practical resource to inform and support the assessment of careers work within Integrated Youth Support Services (IYSS) in England. The first stage of this development was a literature review of published evidence and inpact research. Both the full version of the impact of careers and guidance-related interventions literature review and the professional resource can be accessed through this resource area. In addition to the online material that can be accessed from the links provided other PDFs, selected key documents and related websites are also available in PDF format within this area.

The Careers, work experience & employment online resource provides useful links to documents, networks and other practical resources and is organised under the following six key policy areas:

Each of these resource areas is being developed in association with a variety of organisations involved in the policy development and delivery of careers education, information, advice and guidance.

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