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How to use the toolkit

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Peter Chatterton
29 September 2010

The recommended methodology is described below in 5 main steps or stages.

 We suggest that each institution should work in CAMEL cohorts.

For further details of the CAMEL approach, see    


  • Decide upon focus (e.g. whole institution or faculty or programme)
  • Identify and co-opt stakeholders
  • Identify initiatives to align with (e.g. development of a WBL strategy)
  • Agree the timescale and project plan, including defined roles (e.g. Project Manager)


  • Meeting/workshop with all stakeholders to explain process and build commitment
  • Select relevant criteria from the toolkit and customise as appropriate


  • Identify evidence needed to decide on “level of maturity” for each criterion
  • Identify methods for gathering evidence
  • Collect evidence
  • Synthesise the evidence and produce a concise/usable report

"LEVELLING" WORKSHOP (led by senior management)

  • Review evidence and report in “levelling” workshop with all stakeholders
  • Assess your current performance against criteria/level statements
  • Ensure that all stakeholders agree on:
    • Vision & “enablers” / “barriers” for reaching the vision
    • Recommendations for change


  • Convene workshop with group who are identified to take forward the changes
  • Develop action plan – and define measures of success
  • Identify institutional structures, systems & champions which can take forward the changes

 This process should produce the following outputs for the users:

  • An assessment of their current performance in work-based learning.
  • A vision of where they would like to get to.
  • "Enablers" and "barriers"for reaching their vision.
  • Recommendations for future actions.
  • Plans for change management.


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