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The future of the VLE at the Open University? What would you like it to be?

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Graham Healing
5 October 2010

Where: The Hub, Medlar and Juniper Rooms, Walton Hall

Time: 12th October 2010, 10.00-12.00

Presenters: Will Woods (IET), Barbara Poniatowska and Liz Burton-Pye (LIO)

This event focused on the future visioning work and explained the developments planned within the current “Roadmap Acceleration Programme” as well as discussing requirements for the future VLE. Participants were asked to speak up on what they want (and really, really don't want) in the next generation OU VLE.  They also heard more about the Roadmap Acceleration Programme and future learning systems. See also the Future of the VLE podcast from David Wilson to learn more about what is being planned.

Participation took the form of a World Café style session. This invited attendees to write on tablecloths at themed table to indicate their support for (or aversion to) particular aspects of key developments around “User Generated Content”, “Personalisation”, and “Joining up” (how we can mix the informal and formal learning environments, including how we join up our OER’s with VLE and other repositories). Attendees' ideas and their how they see the various aspects of the OU's future learning system co-existing were a focus for the event.

This event was recorded and is available to members of staff at the Open University via Stadium

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Update on the influences and themes informing the next VLE discussion, from where we are now to envisioning the future: 

Barbara Ponuatowska
Learning Online trends at the OU - how we have changed in the last few years.

Liz Burton-Pye
The near future - planned development over the next year.

Will Woods
Future possibilities - a 3 to 5 year vision.

Tea/Coffee and question time (also an opportunity to move to Berrill to join the Research REF session by Brigid Heywood - also available as web replay)

World Cafe informal participation (Facilitated audience participation, with opportunity to write on tablecloths!) followed by debrief and where next?

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Chris Pegler
11:02 on 8 October 2010

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Will Woods
2:06pm 8 October 2010

We're going to try and capture some of the discussions here. One of the "tables" for the world cafe event is on the theme of exploring markets. I realise that this is totally open on Cloudworks so you need to bear that in mind when having discussions or debates around sensitive internal OU topics but as far as possible I'd like to try and have a frank and open debate about areas such as personalisation, the VLE versus small pieces, the role in assessment of web 2.0 technologies, how why when? - the impact of big players such as Google and Microsoft, the impact of for profit organisations using off the shelf products such as Moodle and the work that the OU should do in meeting the challenge of developing a robust future Learning System.

I'm going to continue to call this "Learning System" from now on and avoid use of VLE because there are also associations with a single system solution and that in itself may prohibit some of the discussion about distributed architectures and network communities with a range of learning tools (see George Siemens quote about connectivism in my presentation for information).

Anyway I hope we can stimulate some discussion.

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