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Strengths - SWOT

Cloud created by:

Nick Freear
14 October 2010

Green team

  1. Easy to use
  2. Distinct and different from the [rest]
  3. Good mix of skilss on the team - both pedagogy and technical.
  4. Works well for aggregation of conferences.
  5. [Good mix / ] discussion space.
  6. Crossing community boundaries.
  7. Growing group of Cloudworks champions.
  8. Increasingly used by IET folk.
  9. Good brand and look and feel.
  10. Pretty robust
  11. Richard impressed with the site, picked up what the site was about quickly and concep of Clouds and Cloudscapes.
  12. Clear [?] site.
  13. Help and support and FAQs good.
  14. Stats and admin area good.
  15. Code base is pretty good, good foundation.
  16. Good integration with Twitter.
  17. Not many places to discuss L and T (learning and teaching).
  18. SocialLearn - Weller
  19. [?] into the OU - good brand.
  20. Can be agile and to [?] they as we are a small team and can take risks if need be.

Purple team

  1. Many people find it easy to use.
  2. Definite presence in University and externally.
  3. Events
  4. Non-linear structure.
  5. Bit like a Wiki but not. Clear who owns what. Retain ownership of idea and content.
  6. Not a repository (editing, [permissions]), so use external services who can do it better.
  7. Fantastic material on it and lots of active people.
  8. Nice theme - looks nice.
  9. Clear understanding about what is difference to other sites.
  10. Produce open record of conference.

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Chris Kirkland
12:39pm 16 October 2010

I am a teacher interested in widening my repertoir of skills. Cloudworks has become my first place to look for new (to me) educational ideas, particularly those related to using new technology. The search and tag features help find relevant information. The ability to link to resources means that you are not hosting outdated files and there are free options for hosting my own material on other sites.

Nick Freear
12:10pm 18 October 2010 (Edited 12:10pm 18 October 2010)

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the comments - I'm happy that you generally like our approach.


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