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Weaknesses - SWOT

Cloud created by:

Nick Freear
14 October 2010

Green team

  1. Sometimes its not always clear what the site is for - tension between discussion spaces and aggregation.
  2. Not really got a community on the site - how important is this? There are pockets.
  3. Open Source version still immature, lots to iron out, hasn't been tested much yet.
  4. Stats (statistics) are fairly static, haven't gone up for a while.
  5. Not sure at how well the site [copes] with lots of users.
  6. Not much with LD (Learning Design) side of things.
  7. Not addictive enough, not sticky enough.
  8. Have had conversations with lots of people but [rather?] happens.
  9. Need people to be leading use of the site.
  10. Some detractors, who didn't like Cloudworks.
  11. Duplicate of content.
  12. Navigate and find things, how does this scale with increased content?
  13. Issue with [level] of content over 3rd party content and embedded.
  14. Too tied to the OU - need to ensure it's not seen as too institutional.
  15. Not massively taken up across the OU.
  16. Not go the political backing  at the OU.
  17. Reliant on small team.
  18. Handling support.
  19. Seen as a project, not core service [in the OU].

Purple team

  1. Some people find it complicated.
  2. Can't upload any sort of file.
  3. Difficult to explain to people how to upload just because of the number of steps.
  4. Because of the responsive development approach some [? inconsistencies]. That is, follow/ favourite issue.
  5. Still haven't cracked post-event activity.
  6. Still complex to explain why different/ unique.
  7. Openness issue with regard to fostering communities.

Extra content

Embedded Content


Chris Kirkland
12:45pm 16 October 2010

It is initially a bit confusing about how to find relevant content as a new user.

Nick Freear
12:14pm 18 October 2010 (Edited 12:15pm 18 October 2010)

Hi. I've noted your point. Does this mean that 'search' and the cloud/cloudscape lists are hard to find/use? Or can you point to some other factor?


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