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Opportunities - SWOT

Cloud created by:

Nick Freear
14 October 2010

Green team

  1. A lot of interest in the open source version.
  2. Could we offer more personalization to the site?
  3. Potential with the API (Application Programmer Interface).
  4. Could data on Cloudworks be automatically sent to Twitter or more generally share content on a number of social networking sites?
  5. Cloud-it button.
  6. How do we spread the site more virally?
  7. Two areas for open source - research community, and learners/teachers platform.
  8. A dedicated OU forum.
  9. Forums?
  10. Closed spaces.
  11. More sophisticated ways of to deal with references.
  12. Work with the Moodle community.
  13. [Hook] into the EU community.
  14. EU Design Program.
  15. OPAL for OER.
  16. Work with the LAMS community.
  17. Work with the JISC community.
  18. Mobile version.
  19. OU-hosted versions of Cloudworks.
  20. OU internationalization - Andrew Law.

Purple team

  1. Roadmap re-instates vision which means we're less likely to be reactive and more proactive.
  2. Interest about open source.
  3. Interest from bigger organizations (JISC, Elesig).
  4. Interest for a student facing site.
  5. It should be possible to hook people into post-event activity - addictiveness.
  6. Simplified mobile interface => (equates to) simple interface for conferences.
  7. Might be possible to connect different CloudEngines (open-source Cloudworks) — a federated approach.
  8. Open source couuld encourage people to develop "bolt-ons"/ new functionality, that is [e.g.] database.
  9. Idea for one non-relational (object-relational) database and many web-sites.
  10. More work could be done about use as a social archive.

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Nick Freear
10:36am 14 October 2010

I'm glad to have finally got this up - lot's of useful stuff I hope.

Chris Kirkland
12:54pm 16 October 2010

Could Cloudworks be the place for educational consortiums and partnerships to share ideas and resources. My experience so far is mostly contact via one contact person or one or two meetings a year.

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