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Threats - SWOT

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Nick Freear
14 October 2010

Green team

  1. Sustainability.
  2. Competition from other sites — [Courdine], Facebook, Ning, Elgg.
  3. Lack of continuation money or support.
  4. How does it fit in with the OU.
  5. Dilution effect with lots of versions [open-source?]
  6. Issue with dealing with spam. How can we filter out low quality stuff?
  7. Political climate - less internal and external funding.
  8. If other projects get money and we don't, they will get priority.

Purple team

  1. Inconsistent/ variable feedback — extremes of feedback and we develop responsively.
  2. Other sites (that is, EventBrite, etc.) which do similar things.
  3. People's expectations unrealistic, that is, about response (ie. used to forum).
  4. Expectations about new features.
  5. Change could be high risk (that is, see Flickr/ Facebook).
  6. Fragmentation of old site (user community) with open source.

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