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Podcasting and public engagement

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Graham Healing
15 October 2010

This event took place on 16th November 2010 at the OU's Walton Hall campus in Milton Keynes. It was been recorded and is available to members of OU staff via Stadium.

Presenters: Martin Weller (Institute of Educational Technology), Nigel Warburton (Arts) and Sally Crompton and John Sinton (Open Broadcasting Unit)

Everything the DIY podcaster could wish to know with some ideas to inspire.

Martin Weller (IET): Academic output as collateral damage  exploring the opportunities and implications of public engagement broadcasting utilising 'long tail' content production options - i.e. becoming an online publisher under your own steam and embracing the unpredictability that this offers. 

Nigel Warburton (Arts): Podcasting: will it win you friends and influence people? will share his experiences as a successful academic podcaster. Many examples of his work are available online. Nigel will also reflect on the opportunities/experiences arising from podcasting to a wide audience.
Sally Crompton and John Sinton (OBU): will talk us through the support options from the Open Broadcasting Unit perspective, covering the Multiplatform Media training programme and development of 'soft skills' for production and presentation.

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