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Web 2.0 uses in Communication, Marketing and Advertising

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victoria crampton
20 October 2010

I have set up this cloud, as a place to create a link to show as i work on the literature review of the use of Web 2.0 technology to assist the Loughborough Computer science faculty in Advertising, Communication and Marketing. I will obviously add more links and information to the cloud as  the report moves along. The general path i am going to take on the literature review will include;

·         Introduction of web 2.0

·         Insight into marketing, communication and advertising within web 2.0

·         Methodology of study

·         The advantages and disadvantages to the computer science faculty

·         Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Web 2.0 for the computer science faculty

·         Recommendation for the science

As the works develops i will keep the cloud up to date with the latest findings, the work so far, and please feel free to add any comments, information, links etc, in which you feel necessary.


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