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CPD for language professionals

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Elizabeth Birks
20 October 2010

What kind of CPD does a language professional need to do?

Keep up to date - but with what?

With the languages they work in?

With the environment in which they work? What constitutes that environment?

Should they learn new languages?

To what extent do they need to know about running a business and marketing and market share and communications and developing their own profile and becoming an independent practitioner or a consultant? 

What are the risks if they become too well known and everyone is trying to contact them?

How should they go about planning their own CPD? How should htey record and document it?

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Chartered  Institute of Linguists

Guidance Notes for Application for Admission as a Chartered Linguist


"5. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

You are asked to provide a record of continuing professional development undertaken over the last three years. This should occupy no more than two sides of A4 – the Chartered Institute of Linguists’ CPD record forms may be used as a guide, but other forms of presentation are acceptable. CPD may, where appropriate, include study towards degrees, diplomas etc. Applicants are expected to be able to show how they keep their language skills current alongside their other professional skills."

Elizabeth Birks
19:47 on 20 October 2010

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