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Jemma Stone
25 October 2010

Hi, I'm Jemma. I am doing the K802, Critical practise with children and young people, first time on cloudworks. My tutor ann morris had set a task to introduce myself and tell you a bit about my background and why I am doing this course - my ambitions and future goal so here goes. Looking forward to discussing the course with you all on this same course and excited about learning again. I completed a four year teaching degree in 2000 and have taught across both key stages in permanent posts, temporary posts supply and now one-to-one tuition so I have a huge range of experience in a variety of settings. I run my own business tutoring music and basic skills for literacy and numeracy in private homes and organisations also. I have experience of working with children with learning and physical disabilities too. I now want to progress professionally and learn more about the theory side/policy/legislation and cement my understanding of working with children and young people. I aim to also complete a level 3 early years course next year too. I am finding the workload a little worrying somewhat but I seem to be coping ok ish.  I juggle being a mum to a little boy of 18 months, who I enjoy dedicating my 'mum' time too, he is into everything, I work when he is at nursery also but I know that I will manage and perseverance is the key - put a hold on the television for a while. My goal in a few years time, after I have completed the masters aswell as the postgraduate is to become a deputy/headteacher of a school in special measures so use my gained knowledge and experience to turn it around. Fingers crossed eh! Good luck with the course everyone. I look forward to reading your reasons why you are studying.


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