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Keynote - Kugeman

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Gráinne Conole
27 October 2010

Openness and quality – beyond user generated trash

Walter Kugeman

  • Dream vs. the reality: OER OEP LGC UGC – great ideas do they work? Or after bumping down to reality
  • Am I a quality OER? Certificates, branding, social assessment, own experiences. Do I contribute to quality OEP – case studies, co-actors, alumni, choice monitoring
  • Socrates:
  • Plato as a learner, as a user, as a co-learner, as a co-user
  • The allegory of the cave
  • From OER to OEP from LGC to UGC to UCDP
  • Innovating learning pyramid – co-policy, co-research, co-learner, co-practice
  • EFQUEL: our main goals are to make things better. Knowledge at the heart of this process! Maria Helena Andre – minister for education and social solidarity, Portugal.
  • Challenges of OER and OEP open practices and emerging challenges
  • Research agendas:
    • Should make room for the issue of quality in OEP
    • EFQUEL promote leadership
    • Create a culture of confidence to share
    • Establish mechanisms for recognition
    • Policies that ensure no additional divide, inclusion of groups
    • Stakeholders share open pedagogical experiences principles and practices
    • Smoothen and speed up the process for research funding and implementation
    • Promote a culture of assessment including self-assessment
  • The competent learner – Open? Self? Social? Context? Quality
  • The 360 degree quality aware competent learner user is indispensible to creation of UGC
  • Join the dialogue –

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Hi there.

Do you want to listen to the speech of Walter Kugemann? I have recorded it from the Socrates slides onwards with my tiny laptop - unfortunately I had only the in-build microphone with me. But with some editing afterwards, it sounds ok: (best is right click and "Save link as...")

And here is the link to the presentation on Slideshare:

If you have any further questions, just contact us:

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Rolf Reinhardt
14:40 on 27 October 2010

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