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October 2010

This month's Ofcom Media Literacy e-bulletin highlights 'First Click', a partnership between the BBC, Race Online 2012, UK online centres and the Post Office. The major new media literacy campaign has been launched to encourage those who have never used the internet to take the first steps to get online.

The bulletin reviews 'Fix the Web', a campaign which aims to address web accessibility using crowd sourcing techniques. Only 20% of websites meet minimum standards for web access and blind people waste over 30% of their time dealing with web accessibility problems.

The campaign will be launched in November and is seeking help this month with bug testing. Disabled people can already report issues they are coming across - either through the site, or by tweeting #fixtheweb #fail url problem.

The initial findings of the EU Kids Online survey have been published, revealing that more than one in eight children have been bothered or upset by online content. The report published last week based on interviews with 23,000 young people across Europe found most children had no upsetting experiences.

BT's new campaign is also featured. Get IT Together is calling for the internet-savvy to become ‘surfer supporters’ and coach their friends and family how to get online.

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