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A new approach to education?

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Rich Lovelock
28 October 2010

I'm guessing that some of the ideas in this video have been considered time and again and perhaps dismissed for various reasons.

Thought the clip itself is very interesting and might be a catalyst for interesting discussion relating to the clip content...

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Jon Wade
11:54pm 8 May 2011

This is so inventive, and it has me totally captured. Only 3 minutes in...

ADHD part is really interesting .... never had thought of school as like production lines. Interesting to point out that in some countries, such as Brazil, classes do have mixed age groups, albeit in the final year.

This is brilliant, I agree so much. Reminds me of the term (from my banking years) of "blue sky thinking" and "thinking outseide the box". Most people struggle with these concepts.

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