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Cloud created by:

Martin Oliver
28 October 2010

This cloud has been set up for discussion of the article chosen for the November 2010 meeting of the SEDA reading group:


Haigh, N. (2005) 'Everyday conversation as a context for professional learning and development',  International Journal for Academic Development, Volume 10, Issue 1 May 2005, pages 3 - 16.


Please use this space to post up your questions, offer responses and share links to any related articles.

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Gráinne Conole
8:07am 2 November 2010

Hi sounds interesting - is there an electronic copy of the paper?

Martin Oliver
10:03am 2 November 2010

Yes - I had put this link at the top of the page but I've now added it under the "links" section too. Do let me know if you have any problems accessing it.


Frances Deepwell
11:44pm 2 November 2010

Hi Grainne and Martin - I put the online link in the 'Academic References' section yesterday. So now the cloud has three links to the article - I hope you find one or other of them. For a limited time this article is freely accessible, along with a small selection of other popular academic development articles from IJAD, and select articles from other Routledge journals too, as part of a special promotion. 


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