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Slot 2 - Question 1: What opportunities do OER offer for education from your perspective?

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1 November 2010

Slot 2 - Question 1: What opportunities do OER offer for education from your perspective?

Gráinne Conole – Introduction to Question 1.

4 minutes 34 seconds to 5 minutes 10 seconds (all times are approximate).

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David Kernohan

7 minutes 32 seconds to 14 minutes 28 seconds.

Programme Manager (UKOER) for Phase 1 and 2 of the JISC/HEA Academy OER Programme.

‘I don’t think it offers opportunities for education necessarily any more than any other form of education. I think if offers education for the web and I think it offers a huge opportunity for society to improve the quality and accessibility, and the scope of information that absolutely everybody has access to.’

Link to the JISC OER infoKit:

Link to the UKOER evaluation and synthesis:

Link to the main programme page:

Patrick McAndrew

15 minutes 20 seconds to 21 minutes 21 seconds.

Involved in the development of the OUUK OpenLearn Initiative and is Co-Director of Olnet.

‘The openness that is behind OER enables it to have a bigger impact than technically similar approaches to providing web-based courses.’

‘A way in which universities can deliver on their public service mission and provide access to content.’

‘The potential for greater efficiency.’

‘A different approach as to how we might see learning.’

‘OER as a catalyst for change.’

Link to OpenLearn research report:

Hans Põldoja

22 minutes 22 seconds to 24 minutes 21 seconds

Researcher at Tallinn University – LeMill OER project 

‘An interesting opportunity is…the use of OER in small countries, and languages.’

‘The second opportunity is user generated content…and will lead to more collaboration between teachers’.

Link to the web page:

Link to project web page:

Peter Sloep

25 minutes 09 seconds to 28 minutes and 52 seconds.

Programme Director of the programme that researches Networked Learning for Professional Development, in the Centre for Learning Sciences and Technology, The Open University in the Netherlands

‘I see large opportunities for the use of OER for non-formal learning and life-long learning…without OER…those two new kinds of learning will not take off.’

I believe there are big opportunities for increasing quality in formal education when universities start to collaborate on the production of OER.’

‘In the context of formal learning OER should free-up time for teachers and lecturers.’

Susan D’Antoni

29 minutes 45 seconds to 33 minutes 18 seconds

Until recently heading the OER community work at UNESCO, but now with Canada’s open university – Athabasca University to re-launch the community.

‘OER really does increase access to knowledge and specific information and that this is a public good.’

‘It should be an important support to life-long learning.’

‘Certainly there is a high advantage in terms of non-formal education, independent learning, life long learning.’

'For teachers and institutions as well there is the opportunity to increase quality for teachers to focus more on students and less on the preparation of new courses.’

'The issue of an informed citizenry is perhaps more and more difficult and with increased access to information perhaps we can meet this objective more easily.’

Andy Lane

33 minutes 42 seconds to 38 minutes 20 seconds

Formally the Director of the OU OpenLearn, and is currently involved with SCORE – the Support Centre for OER in Education.

‘The openness of OER - offering opportunities for many different people in many different ways.’

‘The role OER in widening participation in higher education.’

‘HE teachers can use them , HE learners can use them.’

‘The scope for bridging back into tertiary education and secondary education.’

‘OER at an institutional basis offers new ways of collaborating with other institutions.’

Link to a chapter on using OER in collaborative learning settings – Gráinne Conole, Patrick McAndrew, Yannis Dimitriadis:

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