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Slot 3 - Question 2: What do you think are the key challenges to achieving this vision?

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1 November 2010

Slot 3 - Question 2: What do you think are the key challenges to achieving this vision?

Gráinne Conole – Introduction to Question 2.

39 minutes 21 seconds to 39 minutes 32 seconds

Soundbites 2

Andy Lane

39 minutes 35 seconds to 41 minutes 45 seconds

‘The biggest ones still to overcome in this are the nature of the practice where you are beginning to use and re-use peoples’ material hopefully in an acknowledged way and which is done and seen to be done in an legitimate way.’

‘The culture of copyright and intellectual property rights.’

‘The use of OER involves acknowledged plagiarism.’

‘There is a great cultural barrier to opening up and doing things in a way which people don’t feel uncomfortable about doing.’

David Kernohan

41 minutes 55 seconds to 43 minutes 50 seconds

‘It’s all cultural. There are very few technical issues, and not really very many legal issues.’

‘It’s just changing the academic culture.’

‘We tend not to praise people who re-use OER in teaching.’

‘Students complaining because they see a different university logo on the materials.’

Hans Põldoja

44 minutes 1 second to 44 minutes 50 seconds

‘The culture of re-use should be improved.’

‘They are afraid to edit and improved resources that have been shared by other teachers.’

‘The challenge is how we can introduce this culture of on-line collaboration to teachers.’

Patrick McAndrew

45 minutes 13 seconds to 47 minutes 33 seconds

‘It’s nobody’s job to do this… it’s nobody’s job to actually take materials and re-use them.’

‘We are perhaps waiting for exactly the right model to come along, that combines social learning, with freedom, with gathering together the things you day to day.’

‘There are some remaining technical challenges about somebody building the right system.’

‘It’s getting the right trigger point for some of the bigger visions.’

Peter Sloep

47 minutes 40 seconds to 51 minutes 47 seconds

‘Cultural issues are a very important one.’

‘The dominance of the educational publishers can somehow be broken.’

‘You need to involve, you need to incite people to collaborate with each other.’

‘We need business models…or collaboration models that make clear what is in it for the people who are participating in that.’

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Susan D’Antoni

52 minutes to 54 minutes 23 seconds

‘People do need more skills if they are going to learn to collaborate and if they are going to learn to share others materials and use them. There needs to be some institutional support for this.’

‘Learners too need to acquire new skills, academic digital literacy that allows them to engage with material… to take charge of their own learning.’

‘Lack of awareness as a barrier.’

‘The place of the library in OER.’

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