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Slot 4 - Question 3: We have identified four dimensions of OEP practice that are important – do these capture the different aspects of OER practice?

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1 November 2010

Slot 4 - Question 3: We have identified four dimensions of OEP practice that are important do these capture the different aspects of OER practice? - Strategies and Policies, Barriers and Success Factors, Tools and Tool Practice, Staff Development and Support. Is there anything else we should include?

Gráinne Conole – Introduction to Question 3.

57 minutes 31 seconds to 59 minutes

Andy Lane

59 minutes 5 seconds to 61 minutes

‘Obviously there are some elements which you might be including in some of the aspects which are not apparent from their title. The one that strikes me most is about collaboration and cooperation.’

‘The difference between the individual practice as opposed to the collective practice.’

Link to recent TESSA publication ‘OER Readiness in Africa’:

Hans Põldoja

61 minutes 10 seconds to 61 minutes 59 seconds

‘When designing tools for open education we should look at open education as a digital ecosystem.‘

‘When we design these tools the challenge is to find the compromise between pedagogical considerations, the technical considerations and the social considerations'.

Patrick McAndrew

62 minutes 20 seconds to 65 minutes

‘The big policy impact its not so much if you have an OER policy…but also whether you can see the way in which it can change the whole area.’

‘I see Barriers and Success factors is also something that is a bit different…whatever happens it causes problems in any of these three areas.’

‘It’s not entirely obvious where things sit… where does this cultural issue we have been discussing sit, what about the financial side? What about the legal side.’

‘I’m not sure I would find it that easy to find their natural place… which means there might be some tweaking to be done.’

David Kernohan

65 minutes 41 seconds to 67 minutes 44 seconds

‘I would like to argue for cultural aspects being a separate strand.’

‘The other dimensions…I think each of those is an established area. We have actually got a language within the standard higher education discourse we can use… to address them.’

‘I think the cultural stuff is necessarily separate from that. It’s not something that we tend do very well in higher education. I am not sure we currently have the toolsets to properly address it.’

Peter Sloep

68 minutes to 69 minutes 5 seconds

‘I support…the plea for incorporating collaboration and co-operation, and that the Staff Development and Support issue is a sub-issue of this.’

‘It is crucial that you find ways which are conducive to collaboration and cooperation of people from a network perspective, and of course then within the institution elements of staff development and support become important. I would suggest we take a wider perspective to start with.’

Susan D’Antoni

69 minutes 40 seconds to 70 minutes 30 seconds

‘My perception is that this a framework from the perspective of the institution. So I agree with Peter’s comment about taking a wider perspective.’

‘I would ask where would learner support and learner issues be placed? Particularly back to my interest in independent learning and the role of the library.’

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