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How to add captions to a (YouTube) Video

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Rebecca Galley
4 November 2010

I'm collating available resources, guidance and experiences about making embeddable videos more accessible. Unfortunately Vimeo has decided not to support video captioning (see this thread for interest ) but YouTube has.

If you know about any resources, or you've got feedback on any of them please join in :-)

Extra content

I've also added links to other captioning tools/ communities (click on the links tab below).

Rebecca Galley
10:00 on 8 November 2010

Embedded Content

Step-by-step guide to adding captions from ViewPoints at Ulster Uni

Step-by-step guide to adding captions from ViewPoints at Ulster Uni

added by Rebecca Galley

added by Rebecca Galley


Rebecca Galley
10:41am 4 November 2010

There is a beta automatic captioning function on YouTube but it seems that sometime these captions fail to show.  The ViewPoints guide above suggests manual transcribing.

Julie Carle
2:12pm 7 November 2010

This is a great feature Rebecca and so easy to implement. It means Youtube videos can be enjoyed by a wider audience. Also, as with the cartoon videos I create, often the pronunciation and accent can be difficult to hear and understand, so the captions help the dialogue even more.

Rebecca Galley
9:43am 8 November 2010

Brilliant - thanks Julie. I saw that you had done your 'Bob and Sue's and it was that which encouraged me to put this Cloud together. We recently had a thorough accessibility audit done on Cloudworks (I'll add the link to the report once we get it up but lessons learnt can be seen here). The results were pretty good but it got us thinking more proactively about how we can help to improve the accessibility of user generated content (as you'll know a significant issue on social networks). The way we want to move forward is by giving just-in-time practical information about accessibility and links to make the process really easy - YouTube seem to support this pretty well. Did you use the Google voice recognition  transcriber or did you transcribe 'by hand'?

Ryan M Guy
8:10am 16 November 2013

This is quite helpful.  I wonder if we'll get to the point where the automatic captions are close to spot on.  It will be interesting to watch that technology grow as we strive to be more accessable in digital spaces

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