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OPAL expert meeting: useful references and links

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Gráinne Conole
8 November 2010

please add any relevant references and links here.

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@gconole asked on Twitter What is Openness? #opal10

As a member of the Learner-Generated Contexts Research Group I answered;

1) Capability for re-use in multiple contexts 

2) Availability for repurposing 

3) Readiness for co-creation

These ideas develop from the Open Context Model of Learning written collaboratively on a wiki for the first OU Open Learn Conference in 2007. The LGC group take as a starting point a view that the future of learning and education needs to take account of the participatory affordances of Web 2.0 technologies and also enable learner-generated content to become part of the learning process. This should work in multiple contexts linking informal, non-formal and formal learning. The Open Context Model of Learning is designed as a pedagogically-grounded framework for the co-creation of learning by developing greater agency in learner strategies by integrating Pedagogy, Andragogy & Heutagogy using the PAH Continuum. Tom Cochrane has done this at Unitec, Auckland. So I should add a fourth factor;

4) Enabling collaborative learning strategies

So Openness should allow for subject delivery (through OERs?), Collaborative Learning Strategies, in a range of learning contexts, and the re-purposing of resources against negotiable (co-created) learning outcomes. I would suggest OERs that are more usually thought of as courseware and tend to provide subject delivery, but tend not to support collaboration, re-purposing, multiple context use and the co-creation of learning design.

Some Resources; (1 wiki, 1 Slideshare, 1 blog, 1 film, 1 book, 1 prezi) Links open in new window.

Open Context Model of Learning original article on LGCwiki

Learner-Generated Contexts Shock of the Old Presentation

Heutagogic Archives Blog on OCML 

The Future of Learning Film (5 minutes on LGC & Space); 

Redesigning Learning Contexts (on Kindle) by Professor Rosemary Luckin

Thomas Cochrane mLearning Prezi; 

More Resources;

Organisational Architecture of Participation Blog;

Emergent Learning Model (for EUi2015) Slideshare Doc


fred garnett
12:11 on 8 November 2010 (Edited 12:51 on 9 November 2010)

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